Best Power Station For Van Life

Portable power stations are clean, sustainable, and easy to use in vans. The wiring system of installation for camper vans is complex, but you can also power appliances from the power stations directly.

Battery powered portable power stations have some advantages over gasoline or propane-powered generators. No fumes or noise is produced by these portable power stations, which are a serious environmental concern. 

High-power power stations can easily power refrigerators, coolers, microwave ovens, heaters, dryers, televisions, and laptops. Initially, they are expensive, but once installed, we will always have free energy from the sun.

List Of Best Power Stations For Van Life — Editor’s Top Choices



Jackery Solar Explorer 1500
Watts: 2000/1000
Weight: 22 lb
Battery: 1002 Wh
Charging: Wall, Solar, Car
Display: LED


EcoFlow Delta Power Station
Watts: 3300/1800
Weight: 30 lb
Battery: 1260 Wh
Charging: Wall, Solar, Car
Display: LED


BLUETTI AC200P Solar Generator
Watts: 4800/2000
Weight: 60.6 lb
Battery: 2000 Wh
Charging: Wall, Solar
Display: LED


blueti EB150
BLUETTI EB240 Power Station
Watts: 1000/1000
Weight: 57 lb
Battery: 2400 Wh
Charging: Wall, Solar
Display: LED


Goal Zero Yeti 3000X
Watts: 3500/2000
Weight: 70 lb
Battery: 3032Wh
Charging: Wall, Solar, car
Display: LED

1-Jackery Solar Explorer 1500


Peak Watts >> 3600 watts
Running Watts >> 1800 watts
Battery Size >> 1534Wh
Outlets >> 3x110V AC, 1xUSB-A,1xUSB-A quick charge 3.0, 1xUSB-C, 1x12V Car DC
Weight >> 35.27 pounds
Charging Methods >> Wall Socket, Solar Panel

Reasons To Buy
  • 3600 Surge Watts
  • Large Battery
  • QC USB
Reasons To Avoid

    The Jackery 1500 Explorer is the best power station for van life. There are 3600 peak watts, 1800 running watts and a 1534Wh lithium ion battery that can easily power the equipment in a van. 

    You can use it to power electric stoves, electric grills, coffee makers, mini coolers, microwaves, refrigerators, and TVs. There are three 110V AC outlets for AC appliances, one USB-C PD 60W, one USB-A 5V 2.4A, and one USB-A quick charge 3.0. There’s also a 12V car outlet. 

    It weighs 35.27 pounds, and the solid handles and compact design allow you to store it easily within a compact space in your van.

    A SOS LED flashlight is included as well. A display indicates the battery level, input and output wattage. 

    You can charge the station from wall outlets or solar panels directly from sun power. The multilevel BMS provides overcurrent, short current, overcharge, discharge, overvoltage, and thermal protection. 



    Peak Watts >> 3300 watts
    Running Watts >> 1800 watts
    Battery Size >> 1260Wh
    Outlets >> 6x110V AC, 2xUSB-A, 2xUSB-C, 2xUSB-A fast charging, 1x 12V DC
    Weight >> 30 pounds
    Charging Methods >> Wall Socket, Car Charger, Solar Panel

    Reasons To Buy
    • Three Charging Methods
    • 3300 Surge Watts
    • Large Battery
    • Fast Recharging
    • Six AC outlets
    Reasons To Avoid

      The EcoFlow Delta is rated as the second best power station for van lifestyles. There are 3300 surge watts, 1800 running watts, and a 1260Wh lithium ion battery that can assist a van with its load. 

      It can be used to power your smartphone, laptop computer, camera, drone, refrigerator, blender and more without any problems. It features six 110V home outlets, two USB-A simple ports, two USB-A fast charging ports, two USB-C ports, and one 12V car socket. The display indicates the remaining battery charge, input and output watts.

      It weighs 30 pounds, has solid handles, and is compact, so it can be stored in a small area. 

      There are three ways to charge the device: a wall outlet, a 12V car charger, and solar panels. It takes 10.5-21 hours for the 160W solar panel to recharge, and up to 400W solar panels can be connected to it.

      With the unit’s x-stream technology, charging speed is improved by tenfold. For the station to reach 80%, it takes an hour and for it to reach 100%, it takes two hours. 

      When the battery temperature reaches 45°C or lower than -20°C, the fan starts spinning. Once the battery temperature returns to normal, the power station automatically restarts.

      3-BLUETTI AC200P Power Station

      Peak Watts >> 4800 watts
      Running Watts >> 2000 watts
      Battery Size >> 2000Wh
      Outlets >> 6x110V AC,1*12V/25A RV port, 2xUSB-A, 4xUSB-C 65W, 1x12V DC Car,2*15W wireless pad,2*12V / 3A DC
      Weight >> 60.6 pounds
      Charging Methods >> Wall Socket, Solar Panel

      Reasons To Buy
      • Wireless Pads
      • 4800 Surge Watts
      • Large Battery
      • Fast Recharging
      • Six AC outlets
      • Touch LCD
      Reasons To Avoid

        The bluetti AC200P is ranked third as the best power station for van life. There is a surge power of 4800 watts, a running power of 2000 Watts, and a battery bank capacity of 2000Wh, which can provide the power needed by a van. 

        It can power laptops, CPAP machines, refrigerators, AC units, various kitchen appliances, and a variety of other small devices. Six AC house outlets, one 12V/25A RV outlet, two 15W wireless pads, one PD 60W USB-C port, four USB-A ports, one 12V 10A car port, and two 12V 3A DC ports are provided. 

        It weighs 60.6 pounds, has solid handles, and is compact, so it is easy to carry and store. 

        There are two charging methods available: solar charging and wall charging. Two wall ports can be used simultaneously to fast charge the device. The device can be charged for 500W through each wall port in four to five hours. 

        Two ports with a combined power of 1000 watts can fully recharge the station in three hours. For fast charging, solar panels and wall outlets can also be used together. Solar and wall outlets can be used to charge the station in 2.5 hours. 

        You can control the unit with a touch-screen LCD display, which shows useful information. An eco mode is also available, which can be toggled through the LCD display.

        The BMS provides over current, short current, over charge, over discharge, over voltage and thermal protection.

        4-BLUETTI EB240 Power Station

        blueti EB150

        Peak Watts >> 1000 watts
        Running Watts >> 1000 watts
        Battery Size >> 2400Wh
        Outlets >> 2x110V AC,4xUSB-A 5V 3A, 1xUSB-C 45W, 1x12V DC Car
        Weight >> 57 pounds
        Charging Methods >> Wall Socket, Solar Panel

        Reasons To Buy
        • Aluminium Alloy Shell
        • Large Battery
        • QC USB
        • 400W Panels
        Reasons To Avoid
        • No Extra Surge watts

        Bluetti’s EB240 occupies the fourth position among the best power stations for van life. It has 1000 running and surge watts as well as a 2400Wh lithium ion battery, making it the ideal choice for vans. 

        Many useful equipment can be attached to it, such as cpap machines, micro ovens, laptops, phones, drills, blenders, routers, and lights. You will find two 110V AC house outlets, four USB-A 5V 3A, one USB-C PD 45W, and one 12V 9A car outlet. There is also a SOS led flashlight that can be used in an emergency. 

        Compact design, solid carrying handles, and a 57-pound weight make the power station easy to store in a small space.

        You can view the charging status, remaining power, input/output power, and error codes if the product malfunctions on the LCD Screen.

        Solar panels and wall sockets can be used to charge the power station. The wall outlet takes 12.5 hours to fully charge, and the 400W solar panels take 9.5 hours.  

        A multilevel battery management system (BMS) protects against short circuits, overcurrent, overvoltage, overloads, and overheating.

        5-Goal Zero Yeti 3000X

        Peak Watts >> 3500 watts
        Running Watts >> 2000 watts
        Battery Size >> 3032Wh
        Outlets >> 2x120V AC, 2xUSB-A 3.0 A, 1xUSB-C 18W, 1xUSB-C 60W, 1x12V Car Port, 6mm DC
        Weight >> 70 pounds
        Charging Methods >> Wall Socket, Car Charger, Solar Panel

        Reasons To Buy
        • 3500 Surge Watts
        • Large Battery
        • Fast USB Ports
        • Tire Kit
        • Solid Handles
        Reasons To Avoid

          Our list of best power stations for van life includes the goal zero yeti 3000x at number five. The station provides 3500 surge watts and 2000 peak watts, which is more than enough power for most appliances in van life, even a full-size refrigerator. 

          The 3032Wh lithium ion battery provides a runtime of 8 hours for two 24W light bulbs, a 100W television, and a 200W refrigerator. It can also be used for other purposes such as home backup power, musical concerts, etc.

          A strong and compact design, along with telescopic handles and wheel kit, make this station easy to transport. 

          There are two pure sine AC outlets for powering appliances such as a coffee maker, blender, etc. Modern day appliances such as laptops, phones, and tablets are powered by USB-A and USB-C. There is also a 12V car outlet and 6mm dc outlet. 

          There are three methods of storing power in the station: wall outlets, solar panels, and 12V outlets in cars. From the wall and from the solar panel, it takes almost 6 hours, and 28 hours from the car charger. You don’t need to buy an extra mppt controller since it has one built-in.

          A built-in LED display provides useful information such as battery status, input and output wattage, and charging status. 

          Safety features include overvoltage protection, low voltage protection, temperature protection, and a battery management system.


          Our extensive research and analysis have led us to list the best possible power stations for van life. Our recommendation is the Jackery 1500 Explorer.

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