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Power failure can occur due to many reasons, which results in food spoilage, and loss of modern day luxuries such as coffee maker, toaster, television and many others. In that situation a generator is a great solution to this problem, which provides instant power. So, a generator is an essential equipment nowadays in any home. 

In terms of fuel, there are single fuel, dual fuel, and tri fuel generators available in the market. Tri fuel generators are those generators, which can be operated on three fuels gasoline, propane, and natural gas. 

Tri fuel generators are preferred over dual and single fuel generators due to many reasons. First of all, tri fuel generators save a lot of money in terms of fuel, as natural gas is cheaper than both gasoline, and propane. 

Use of natural gas gives peace of mind as you don’t worry about refuelling the generator, as the generator is directly connected with a natural gas pipeline provided by a utility supplier. 

In this article we reviewed the best tri fuel generator, and we considered power output (surge watt, running watts), power outlets, and build quality of the generator while recommending.

Gasoline VS Natural Gas

Natural gas increases engine compression and combustion efficiency more than gasoline, and natural gas powered engines have more life than gasoline powered engines.

Gasoline Natural Gas
On gasoline, the generator produces more powerOn Natural gas, the generator produces less power
Gasoline is more expensiveNatural gas is cheaper
Gasoline produces excessive toxinsNatural gas releases fewer toxins 
Gas must be kept in an extra amountYou don’t need to worry about refuelling
Comparison of Gasoline and Natural Gas

Champion Power Equipment 100416

Champion 100416 is the best tri fuel generator due to its output power, steel frame, multi-meter, fuel gauge, and many others, which we will discuss in detail given below.

Fuel Type >> gas/propane/natural gas
Engine Size >> 459cc
Start Method >> Electric / Recoil
Sound >> 74 dB
Weight >> 207lbs
Gasoline Tank >> 8.5 gal
Dimension >> 27.6 x 28.2 x 26 inches
Watts>> 10000/8000 (gas), 9000/7200 (Propane), 8750/7000 (Natural Gas)
Runtime>> 12.5 hours at 50%
Transportation>> Wheels, Foldable Handles
Certification>> CARB, EPA

  • Tri Fuel
  • CO shield
  • Wide Range of Outlets
  • Low oil shut off
  • Multi Meter
  • Wheel Kit
  • No Parallel ports
  • No USB ports
  • No Indicators

Engine and Wattage

This generator is equipped with a 459cc engine, which produces 10000 surge watts, and 8000 running watts on gasoline, 9000 surge and 7200 running watts on propane, and 8750 surge and 7000 running watts on natural gas. 


The control panel of this generator contains four 120V 20A GFCI house outlets, one 120V 30 twist lock, and one 120V/240V 30A twist lock outlet, and all these outlets are rubber covered.

Start Method

This generator has two start methods: one is electric start method, and second one is recoil pull start manual method. 

Weight and Transportation

It has a weight of 207 pounds, steel frame, foldable handles, and solid wheel kit which makes it easy to carry it anywhere you like. Diameter of the wheel used in this generator is 10 inch. 

Fuel Tank and Running Time:

This generator contains a steel gasoline tank which can store 8.5 gallon gasoline, and the generator can be operated for 12.5 hours at half load on gasoline.


It has four mode digital intelligent meters which provide information about voltage, frequency, sessional runtime, and total runtime of the machine. It also has a fuel gauge which is helpful in refuelling.

Sound Level


This generator produces 74 dB of sound from 23 feet.

CO Shield and Low Oil Shut Off

The generator automatically shuts off when it senses the CO level around it is dangerously high from a certain level. It also shuts off its operation when oil level is low from a certain level to prevent it from damage.

Engine Oil 

The oil used in this generation is 10W-30, and it requires 1.1 qt. of engine oil which is included in the box. 


The generator is approved by both CARB and EPA, which shows that the generator is very environmentally friendly, and it can be used anywhere in the USA.


We discussed the importance of tri fuel generators, and then recommended the best tri fuel generator. We recommended Champion Power Equipment 100416 as the best tri fuel generator, because it has sufficient power output, multi outlets, multi intelligent meter, and many more.

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