dual fuel inverter generator with remote start

Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator With Remote Start

The remote start feature makes it easy for the user to start and stop the generator from inside the room. The dual fuel capability offers more freedom for consumers to select their preferred fuel.

Compared to regular generators, inverter generators have less noise, lighter weight, are more fuel efficient, and offer a stable current, making them perfect for sensitive electronic equipment.

There is a price for every luxury, so these generators are more expensive than traditional generators.

We reviewed a generator which had all three of the above mentioned features: dual fuel, inverter technology, and remote start. 

DuroMax XP4400IH Dual Fuel, Inverter, Remote Start

DuroMax XP4500iH 4500

Fuel Type >> gasoline / propane
Engine Size >> 223cc
Start Method >> Remote / Electric / Recoil
Sound >> 65 dB
Weight >> 130 pounds
Gasoline Tank >> 2.64 gal
Dimension >> 19″ L x 24″ W x 22″ H
Watts>> 4500/3600 (gas), 4275/3420 (propane)
Runtime>> 8hrs (gas), 11hrs (propane)
Transportation>> Wheels, Foldable Handles
Certification>> CARB, EPA

  • Dual Fuel
  • Remote start
  • Wheel kit and Handle
  • Multi meter Control Center
  • Low oil shut off
  • 30A RV outlet
  • Parallel capability
  • USB-A, USB Type-C

    DuroMax XP4400IH is a dual fuel inverter generator with remote start that is best suited for outdoor activities such as camping and tailgating, or for small homes.

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    Fuel Options

    It can run on either propane or gasoline; each has advantages and disadvantages

    Gasoline Propane
    On gasoline, the generator produces more powerOn propane, the generator produces less power
    Gasoline is more expensivePropane is cheaper
    Gasoline produces excessive toxinsPropane releases fewer toxins 
    Gas must be kept in an extra amountYour home may contain a propane tank for other purposes
    Comparison of Propane and Gasoline

    You can learn more about small propane generators by clicking here.

    Start Method

    Remote/Push Start/Recoil Start Methods

    While seated in your room, it can be conveniently started with a wireless remote start 

    Also included in the unit is an electric start feature that comes in handy if the remote doesn’t work. 

    The third method is a manual recoil method which requires you to use some muscle power to start it, which is used when both above methods fail for whatever reason.


    When running on gasoline, this generator produces 4500 peak watts and 3600 running watts. At 120V, it provides 37.50 peak amps and 30 amps.

    When running on propane, it produces 4275 starting watts and 3420 running watts. It provides 35.63 peak amps and 28.50 running amps.

    Click here for more information on starting and running wattage.

    Weight and Transportation:


    The generator weighs 129.6 pounds and measures 19″ L x 24″ W x 22″ H. Due to its telescopic handle and wheels, the generator is easy to carry and store, making it ideal for tailgating, camping, and other outdoor activities.


    The 223cc 4 Cycle Air Cooled OHV engine is powerful enough to handle AC, freezer, fans, and lights all at once.

    Fuel Tank and Running Time:

    The generator has a fuel capacity of 2.64 gallons of gasoline, which provides 8 hours of runtime at half load.

    We recommend connecting a 20-pound propane tank to provide a runtime of 11 hours at half load. 


    Control Center

    A three-mode display on the digital control center shows the number of hours the unit has been run, the voltage/frequency output, and the load attached to the unit.

    Parallel Connectivity

    Parallel Connectivity

    On average, a 10kva generator can power an average-sized home. By connecting two XP4500ih in parallel with the help of a parallel kit, the power can be increased to 9000 peak watts and 7200 running watts.

    Inverter Technology

    It is based on the inverter technology that converts AC to DC and then back to AC output. 

    The resultant wave is clean and the harmonic distortion is less than 3%. As a result, it is an ideal solution for electronics that are prone to distort current waves, such as laptops, phones, tablets, musical systems, CPAP machines, and IGBT welding machines.

    Sound Level


    Inverter-based generators produce less noise than traditional generators. It produces 65 db at half load, which is approximately the same as the sound of a dishwasher.


    XP4500IH Receptacles

    There are two 120V/20A household outlets that are used for basic home appliances such as blenders and coffee makers.

    A 120V/30A RV outlet makes outdoor recreation more enjoyable. There is one USB-A port for charging USB-A devices.

    There is one USB type-c port on the panel, which is what most smartphones and modern appliances need to charge.

    Extra Feature and Safety

    Three light indicators provide assistance to the user when operating the generator.

    When we start the generator, one light indicates it is ready to run. You can now connect appliances and use the generator.

    Unknowingly, we sometimes put more load on the unit than it is capable of handling. The overloading light indicates the problem that is causing the generator not to run.

    Operating the generator on low oil is fatal to the unit and the connected devices. The generator automatically shuts down when the oil level is low. 

    The low oil indicator light can help identify the problem why the generator is not working.


    This generator is Carb compliant and EPA approved, so it’s eco-friendly. For more information on CARB compliance and EPA approval, click here.

    How does a dual fuel inverter generator with remote start benefit us?

    This question involves three features of the generator, and we try to answer it as best we can.

    Dual Fuel:

    Dual fuel generators offer greater flexibility than single fuel generators. Users can easily switch between fuel types according to their preferences. Dual fuel generators generally run on propane and gasoline. We discussed the pros and cons of each fuel type earlier.


    It is a modern technology that converts AC to DC and then back to AC as a result current waves are more stable, produce less noise, are more fuel efficient, and are less heavy than traditional generators.

    Remote Start:

    The operator can operate the generator from 80 feet away without leaving his workstation.

    Thus, a dual fuel inverter generator with remote start is a good choice because of its three features; however, its price is its only downside. 

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