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Pros and Cons of Inverter Generators – Generators Master

There are different types of generators available on the market, including standby, portable and so on. There are two types of portable generators: conventional portable generators and inverter portable generators. We will discuss the pros and cons of inverter generators in this article. 

In traditional generators, after the combustion of either gasoline or propane in the engine, the shaft rotates the rotor, thereby causing current to flow in the stator. Stators directly provide current to the control panel, which is used to power appliances.  

Inverter generators do not transmit current directly to the control panel from the stator. Firstly, it sends the current to a rectifier that converts the ac current to dc and then converts dc back to ac current, which is pure sine wave with less than 3% THD. This current can now be used to power appliances. 


Fuel Efficient

Compared to traditional generators, inverter generators are very fuel efficient. The engine of an inverter generator operates based on the connected devices. It reduces and increases its engine’s rpm as load decreases and increases, resulting in better fuel efficiency. 

Pure Sine Wave 

Previously, we discussed how inverter generators convert ac to dc and then back to ac current, resulting in pure sine waves. Pure sine waves are good for all appliances, which improves the efficiency of connected equipment. Various electronics such as laptops, smartphones, cpap machines, televisions, and tablets require pure sine waves with a THD less than 3%. Traditional generators produce current with THD greater than 25%, which can damage electronic devices. 

Quiet Operation 

Inverter generators produce 50 percent less noise than conventional generators. The control of the engine’s speed is determined by how much power is drawn from the generator, which results in quieter operation. Inverter generators come in closed and open frames. A closed frame has a special frame that absorbs sound waves for quieter operation than an open frame. 

Portable Compact Design

Specially designed closed frame inverter generators are very compact. Open frames are also compact, but they are louder and produce more power than closed frames, and their power is as clean as closed frames. 

Parallel capability 

parallel capability

Inverter generators come with parallel capability which means that if more power is needed, two generators can be connected in parallel. 

Usb Ports 

The inverter generators produce pure sine waves, which is why it comes with USB-A and Type-C ports so that you can directly charge your smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Long terms cost

Compared to a traditional generator, an inverter costs you less in terms of fuel because of its better fuel efficiency.


Upfront Cost 

The biggest disadvantage of inverter generators is their high upfront cost. Inverter generators cost 3 times as much as traditional generators of the same power. 

Low Power 

Power produced by inverter generators is also lower than that by conventional generators. 

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