What will a 1000 watt generator run — (A Simple Guide)

The generator is a great utility that prevents food from spoiling and keeps our home lit up during a power outage. But, When we are going to buy a new generator, a question pops up in the minds of everyone whether it will be able to run the desired equipment 

The purpose of this article is to explain what will a 1000-watt generator run or what will it can not.

A 1000-watt generator can power a refrigerator, lights, fans, blender, 0.5-ton air conditioning, a coffee grinder, juicer, laptop computers, and many other devices which we will discuss below, along with those that cannot be powered by a 1000-watt generator.

The Simple answer to the question, what will a 1000-watt generator run? Either you should power single devices or a combination of devices but their combined power in terms of starting watts should not surpass 950 watts.


Prior to diving into details about the topic, we should understand the terms starting and running watts. 

Starting Watts 

A device needs extra power for starting, which is referred to as starting watts.

Running Watts

For the device to run smoothly, it requires a relatively stable amount of electricity (called running watts).

Things You Should Do 

First, you should collect the starting watts and running watts of all appliances you want to power simultaneously with 1000 watt generator. That information can be obtained from the website of the manufacturer or from the label which is mostly attached to the back of appliances. 

Add up all starting watts and running watts separately, If starting watts or running watts of devices plus a 15% marginal difference surpass 1000 watts then you should not buy a 1000-watt generator. 

Below we will discuss some basic combinations of devices and single large devices that 1000-watt generators can run.

Single PowerFul Devices Handled by 1000 Watt generator

1000 Watt generator does not produce much power which can operate heavy-duty appliances but here we discuss the possible devices which can be run on a 1000-watt generator.


A full-size refrigerator can be easily operated on 1000 watt generator as it requires on average 600-700 starting watts and 250 running watts.

2-½ or 0.5 Ton (6000 BTU)

A Half ton Air Conditioner can also be operated on 1000 watt generator, it consumes an average of 600 watts of power. 


A blender consumes approximately 800 watts of power and it can also be operated on 1000 watt generator.


On average juicers consume 800 watts which can also be run on 1000 watt generator.  

Coffee Grinder

On average coffee grinder consumes 500 watts and it can also be run on 1000 watt generator.

Bread Maker

It consumes on average 800 watts, and it can also be run by 1000 watt generator. 

Sandwich Maker

Sandwich makers take almost 700 watts of power and it can also be operated on 1000 watt generator.

Mixer hand OR other

The hand mixer or other mixer consumes approximately 750 watts so it can also be operated. 

¼ horsepower pump

A 1/4 hp sump pump takes 600 watts for its smooth running and so it can also be run on a 1000-watt generator.  

Sewing/Embroidery Machine

Sewing and Embroidery machines almost take 200 watts on average, which is best suitable for a 1000-watt generator.

Basic Combinations Of Devices can be Operated together 

1st Combination

The first basic combination of appliances we can run on 1000 watt generator is Refrigerator, fans, lights, and laptop charging. 

2nd Combination

The second combination of appliances is a shaving machine, straightener (150 watts), crimper (100 watts), roller (400 watts), beard trimmer (20 watts), fan (100 watts), and lights (3*20=60 watts). 

3rd Combination

The third combination we choose is a Sewing machine, embroidery machine, overlocking machine, smartphone charging, laptop charging, fans, and lights. 

4th Combination

The fourth combination is from the construction side which can run on 1000 watt generator and it includes Screwdriver, drill machine, planer, grinder, lights, and fans.  

In that way, we can make so many combinations but the overall power drawn in terms of starting watts should not be more than 1000 watts.

Situations In Which 1000 Watt generator is best


best mini generator for camping

1000-watt generator is best for camping for many reasons, it is lightweight, easy to carry, cost-effective, and can easily manage power requirements at the campsite. Mostly in camping if you do basic stuff like refrigerator, lights, fans, CPAP machines which can be easily managed by 1000 watt generator 

If you have a plan for grilling at the campsite then you should choose a 2000 or 3000-watt generator. In our opinion, the 3000-watt generator is best which can easily handle grill power requirements. 

Small cabin

best generator for off grid cabin

If you are looking generator for your small cabin where you have lights, fans, a refrigerator, a blender, a coffee maker, a juicer, a music player, a laptop, and a phone then 1000 more than enough. 

Small-size van or Rv Camping

best 2000 watt generator for rv

1000 is also best for small-size RVs or vans in which power equipment are refrigerator, a blender, a juicer, and other basic stuff.  

Small DIY Projects

In small DIY projects, most power equipment used is a drill, angular grinder, screwdriver, and heat gun, which can be easily managed by a 1000-watt generator. 

Personal Office

In a personal office, we need a computer or laptop, printer, wifi router, television, fans, cameras, and lights which can be easily run by a 1000-watt generator. 

Health Purpose

There is plenty of small health equipment which we need on daily bases such as CPAP machines, air purifiers, mosquito killer machines, bug interceptors, blood pressure apparatus, and humidifiers. All these equipment can be easily run by 1000 watt generator. 


Beauty equipment such as shaving machines, hair straighteners, crimpers, rollers, hair dryers, and beard trimmers can be run by a 1000-watt generator.


Stitching power equipment are sewing machines, embroidery machines, overlock machines, and buttonhole machines, which can be run by 1000 watt generator very easily without any worry. 

Mobile DJ

When we do Djing on the road we need a violin, speakers, laptops, or DJ controllers. All these equipment are power intensive and their power requirement can be met easily through 1000 generator. For Mobile DJing 1000 watt generator is also best due to its portability and transportability. 

Ice Fishing

When we do ice fishing we need power for the auger, lights, heater, and other gears whose power can be met through 1000 watt generator. 

Ok  where it can be used for limited tools but not best overall 

Food business

it can be used if the power requirement is like juice making or a blender, but it can not be used if more equipment is required such as a grilling machine, oven, and many others.

Garden tools

Some garden tools are power intensive and can not be operated on 1000 watt generator but some can be operated on this generator ¼ hp pump, handheld shear can be operated on 1000 watt generator but lawn mover, electric cultivator, 1 or above well pump, leaf blower, string trimmer can not be operated on 1000 watt generator. 


1000 Watt generator can be used for kitchen products such as blenders, toasters, 4 cup coffee makers, and for some devices it can not be operated such as dishwashers, ovens, grills, bigger-size coffee machines, etc. 


1000 Watt generator can be used at the construction site if you are running a planer, Angle grinder, sander, jigsaw, screwdriver, or drill machine, but one thing you should keep in mind never operated two devices together otherwise you will overload the generator which may cause damage to the generator and equipment.

Devices Which Can not be Operated on 1000 watt generator 

Here are the devices we listed which can not and should not be used on 1000 watt generator. 

Welding machine
Washing machine
Pressure washer 
1 ton or above AC 
1 or above HP water pump 
Induction cooker 
Infrared Cooker 
Rice cooker
circular saw
jig saw
belt sander
chain saw


Above we discussed in detail where a 1000-watt generator is used and where it can not. We also listed some devices and combinations of devices that can be operated on 1000-watt generators. We also gave the situation in which 1000 watt generator may be best. In the end, we also listed devices that you should never use with 1000 watt generator.

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