What Can You Run On A 10000 Watt Generator

What Can You Run On A 10000 Watt Generator?

The questions are asked: What can you run on a 10000 watt generator? Can a 10000 watt generator power a house? What can a 10000 watt generator run? Despite these questions being different, they have the same intention behind them. In this article, we attempt to answer these questions as best we can based on our knowledge.

There are two terms associated with generators and appliances that are starting watts and running watts for more detail on starting/running watts click here

In this article we consider generators with 10000 starting watts, generating 7000-8000 running watts. 

A generator of 10000 watts can be used for several purposes, including homes, outdoor activities, and job sites.

Top Rated

Westinghouse WGen9500
Westinghouse WGen9500


  • Watts: 12500/9500 (457cc)
  • Weight: 208 pounds
  • Runtime: 12hrs @ 50% load
  • Tank Size: 6.6 gal
  • Starting Method: Electric / Remote / Recoil
  • Dimension: 27.2L x 26.1W x 26.5H in
  • Sound: 74 dB

Westinghouse iGen12000 is the best 10000 watt generator that produces 12500/9500 starting/running watts on gasoline. It has wheel kit, foldable handles, and solid design. It has electric/remote and recoil start methods, and gives 12 hours of runtime at 50% load.

Best 10000 Watt Generator

Mid Size Home Power

In most cases, Americans lose power once or twice a year for three hours or more due to technical failures or severe weather, which results in spoiling food, and no access to entertainment devices like television or music systems. In this case, generators come in handy. 

Remember, however, that not every generator is suitable for your needs. Add up all the wattage of the appliances you intend to power. 

The 10000 generator is capable of generating 10000 starting watts and 8000 running watts, which can be used to power all of the following simultaneously: Air conditioner, refrigerator, dryer, microwave oven, lights, and fans. 

For more detail on appliances wattage click here.

Remote Houses 


A farmhouse is a house located on a farm. The majority of the time, these farmhouses do not have power from the mains. They need alternative sources of power such as traditional generators, solar generators, or wind turbines. A generator with a power output of 10000 watts can handle the load of the farmhouses.


It is important to spend quality time away from the daily hustle in a cabin, and these cabins are off the grid. The 10000 generators can run any electrical appliance conveniently, so you can enjoy all kinds of modern day luxuries. We also made a list of generators for cabins here.

Container House  

Steel containers are used to construct cost-effective container homes. Ten thousand generators can meet the power requirements of a container house. 

Job Sites 

Our job sites are sometimes located in remote locations without power supply. In such a situation, generators can be life-saving. Wind and solar generators can also be used if sufficient source energy is available. 


For remote welding, a 10000 watt generator can handle the load of a welder, and you can also check out other welding generator options here


Construction sites require constant electricity for different purposes, such as extracting water from the ground and power tools for specific purposes. It is easy and convenient for a 10000 watt generator to handle such work. 

Remote Offices

In remote areas such as for road construction, power is required for printing, communication, power tools, etc., which can easily be managed by a 10000 watt generator. 

Offices In power Outage

Technical faults and bad weather can also cause power outages. When office work is disrupted, a generator can be used to keep things going. A 10000 watt generator can also be used to meet their energy needs.

Outdoor Recreation 

Ten thousand watts can be used in outdoor recreational activities such as camping, cottages, and RVs. 

Larger RVs 

Larger RVs require more power than smaller ones, and a 10000 watt generator can handle the power demand of large RVs with outlets 120/240V 50A. 


The larger the camp/tent, the greater is the power requirement, so a 10000 unit can handle all kinds of cottage/tent work. 

We have also listed mini generators for camping here.  

DIY Projects 

DIY stands for do it yourself, these are the projects you wish to manage without the help of an expert. A 10000 watt generator would be sufficient if heavy duty power tools are required for the project.

Sports Outside 

For entertainment purposes, we arrange sports outside. We need light to lighten up the ground if these games are taking place at night. A 10000 watt generator can be used for this purpose.

Outdoor Entertainments

A concert organizer arranges entertainment, and for these events, power is essential to power musical instruments, sound systems, and lights. A 10000 watt generator can easily handle this load.

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