what will a 3000 watt generator run

A 3000-watt generator can be used for a variety of purposes and can power many devices, but can it power your desired equipment? If you are going to buy a new one, or already own one and want to know what it can run. 

A 3000-watt generator can power a Refrigerator, 1HP sump pump, 1-ton air conditioner, iron, washing machine, microwave oven, hair dryer, coffee maker, computer, TV, and many others. It can be used for camping, DIY projects, mobile detailing, mobile DJ and more. 

Further next in this article, we listed all possible single devices along with their starting and running watts, we also listed those devices which you should not use with a 3000-watt generator. 

We also make different combinations of devices with wattage tables, which you can use together with a 3000-watt generator. We made all calculations based on starting watts of the generator.

Before going further deep some preliminaries are necessary for better understating, what we are discussing. 

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Either you should power single devices or a combination of devices but their combined power in terms of starting watts should not surpass 2950 watts. 

Starting Watts 

A device needs extra power for starting, which is referred to as starting watts.

Running Watts

For the device to run smoothly, it requires a relatively stable amount of electricity (called running watts).

Single PowerFul Devices Handled by 3000 Watt generator

Single Devices handled by 2000 watt generator alone

Here are the single large appliances along with starting and running watts, that can be used with a 3000-watt generator. 

Devices Running WattsStarting Watts
Sump Pump 1Hp1000W2000W
Airless Sprayer ⅓ HP600W1200W
Furnace Fan Blower 1/2 HP800W2350W
Halogen Lamp 300-1000300-1000W300-1000W
Washing Machine1000W1700W
Microwave Oven1000W1000W
Coffee Maker900W900W
Coffee Grinder700-1200W700-1200W
Bread Maker800W800W
Hair Dryer1250W1250W
Hair Roller400W400W
Heat Gun1800W1800W
Electric Grill1400W1400W
Air Fryer1500W1500W
Single Devices Handled By 3000 Watt Generator

Combinations Of Devices that can be operated together

Here we listed some basic possible combinations of devices that can be operated on the 3000-watt generator, and similarly you can also make your own combination by adding watts of desired appliances both in terms of the surge and running.

1st Combination

The first basic combination of appliances is a Refrigerator, 4xfans, 5xlights, and laptop charging that needs approximately 2900W as surge watts, and 1400W as running.

Devices Running WattsStarting Watts
5xLight75×5 = 375W75×5 = 375
4xFan100×3 = 300W100×3 = 300W
Total 1400W2900W

2nd Combination

The second combination of appliances is 5xfans, 5xlights, hair straightener, hair crimper, hair roller, and shaving machine that needs approximately 2375W as surge watts, and 1925W as running.

Devices Running WattsStarting Watts
5xLight75×5 = 375W75×5 = 375
Small Refrigerator 300W750W
4xFan100×5 = 500W100×5 = 500W
Hair Crimper100W100W
Hair Roller400W400W
Hair Straightener150W150W
Shaving Machine100W100W
Total 1925W2375W

3rd Combination

The third basic combination of appliances is a small refrigerator, 4xfans, 5xlights, a laptop, a charger, a sewing machine, an embroidery machine, and overlocking machine that needs approximately 1975W as surge watts, and 1525W as running.

Devices Running WattsStarting Watts
Small Refrigerator300W750W
5xLight75×5 = 375W75×5 = 375
4xFan100×4 = 400W100×4 = 400W
Sewing Machine100W100W
Embroidery Machine200W200W
Overlocking Machine100W100W
Total 1525W1975W

4th Combination

The fourth basic combination of appliances is a 1xfans, 1xlights, a drill machine, a screwdriver, a planner, a grinder, and a circular saw that needs approximately 2825W as surge watts, and 2825W as running.

Devices Running WattsStarting Watts
Electric Drill – 3/8”440W600W
Screw Driver350W400W
Circular Saw1300W1300W
Total 2825W2825W

Situations In Which 3000 Watt generator is best

A 3000-watt generator can be used for a variety of purposes, some of which we discuss below.


best mini generator for camping

A mini generator for camping is best because it can be carried easily, it is cost-effective, and it can easily manage the power requirement at the campsite. Mostly on the campsite, we need a refrigerator, lights, fans, grill, and CPAP machines which draw 2425 starting watts and 1975 running watts. 

Devices Running WattsStarting Watts
CPAP Machine50W50W
Mobile 25W25W
Electric Grill1400W1400W
Total 1975W2425W
Watts Consumption at the campsite

Small Cabin

best generator for off grid cabin

For a small cabin, we have lights, fans, an air conditioner, a refrigerator, a blender, a coffee maker, a juicer, a music player, a laptop, and a phone, which draw 2875 starting watts and 2125 running watts. 

Devices Running WattsStarting Watts
1 Ton Air Conditioner700W1000W
Coffee Maker900W900W
Total 2125W2875W
Watts Consumption at the cabin

Small DIY Projects

In small DIY projects, most power equipment used is a drill, screwdriver, grinder, and heat gun, which draw 2700 starting watts and 2540 running watts. 

Devices Running WattsStarting Watts
Electric Drill – 3/8”440W600W
Screw Driver300W300W
Heat Gun1000W1000W
Total 2540W2700W
Watts Consumption for DIY Project

Personal Office

In a personal office, we need a computer or laptop, printer, wifi router, television, fans, cameras, and lights, which draw 1350 starting watts and 1350 running watts.

Devices Running WattsStarting Watts
Wifi Router15W15W
Fan 100W100W
Total 1350W1350W
Watts Consumption for Personal Office


Stitching power equipment sewing machines, embroidery machines, overlock machines, serger machines, and buttonhole machines draw 850 starting watts and 850 running watts.

Devices Running WattsStarting Watts
Sewing Machine100W100W
Embroidery Machine200W200W
Overlocking Machine100W100W
Serger Machine100W100W
Buttonhole Machine350W350W
Total 850W850W
Watts Consumption for Stitching

Mobile DJ

When we do Djing on the road we need a violin, speakers, laptops, or DJ controllers, and this equipment draws 1625 starting watts and 1625 running watts.

Devices Running WattsStarting Watts
DJ Controller1300W1300W
Total 1625W1625W
Watts Consumption for Mobile DJ

Ice Fishing

When we do ice fishing we need power for the auger, lights, and heater, which draw 1575 starting watts and 1575 running watts.

Devices Running WattsStarting Watts
Total 1575W1575W
Watts Consumption for Ice Fishing

Devices Which should not be Operated on 3000 watt generator

Devices Running WattsStarting Watts
Welding Machine5000-1000W6000-12000W
Centralized Air Conditioner5000-10000W6000-12000W
Electric Stove2000-3000W2000-3000W
Centralized Heater5000W5000W
Corn Popper1500-3000W1500-3000W
Electric Kettle2000-3000W2000-3000W


The 3000-watt generator can be used for many situations such as camping, DIY project, and small offices. It can also handle the power of almost any kind of single device, but there are some devices you should not use such as an electric stove, corn popper, 1 HP pump, welding machine etc.

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